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New Employee Forms


Each employee should fill
out a W-4 at the beginning of each year to keep their information current.

The DE-4 is California's equivalent to the Federal W-4.

As you hire new employees, they need to fill out this form and then the employer must keep it on file.
Notice to Employee - Information Sheet
Informational sheet - providing employment details to employee

For Independent Contractors 
Direct Deposit
All or any part of an employee’s check may be deposited into one or more accounts at any bank or financial institution accepting Automated Clearing House transactions. All forms must fill completed in full.

Direct Deposit Authorization 1

Direct Deposit Authorization 2

Direct Deposit 

1099 Direct Deposit Form - only use if you are or you have a 1099.
1099 Form
California Sick Law

As an employer, there are several things you must do to comply with the Healthy Workplace Healthy Family Act of 2014.

  • Display the Paid Sick leave poster for each employee to have access to. Paid Sick time leave poster: EnglishSpanish, Vietnamese, Chinese.  For San Francisco, there is a special Paid sick leave San Francisco Poster.
  • Provide written notice to employees with sick leave rights (see above for link) 
  • Provide proper accrual of 1 hour earned for 30 hours worked, or 3 days instantly available at the begining of each year. 
  • Allow eligible employee to use paid sick time upon reasonable request.
  • Keep record showing how many hours have been earned and used for at least 3 years. 
  • Show how much sick time is available on the employees check stub or have a supplemental document issued with each pay check. 

All this information can be found on the CA state website, along with much more.